Silicones offer a wide range of functional requirements including electrical isolation; optical coupling; vibration and mechanical dampening; corrosion, weathering and flame protection and providing a heat/insulation path. Momentive Performance Materials has a long history in the aerospace and aviation industry, their legacy RTV and FRV adhesive systems have supported countless applications for thousands of flight hours and their more recently developed SilCool* greases and adhesives offer exceptional structural adhesion and thermal management, improving electronics reliability and efficiency.


Momentive’s advanced RTV silicones maintain critical properties for an extended time over the wide range of extreme temperatures typically encountered by aircraft and spacecraft. They remain flexible in extremely low temperatures and are thermally insulative. Their silicones for thermal protection systems are available in paste to flowable viscosity. In addition, the aerospace thermal coating systems offer low-outgassing and electrically dissipative formulations to accommodate a wide range of aerospace and defence applications. Meeting or exceeding ASTM E595 testing standards established by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) opens up a world of possibilities for these advanced silicone technologies.

Silicones for Satellites & Space Applications

Momentive Aerospace Brochure Silicone RTVs in Aerospace & Aviation
Momentive Aerospace Brochure Silicone RTVs for Thermal Protection Systems
Momentive Aerospace Brochure Silicone RTVs for Low Outgassing Applications


Low Outgassing Silicones

Low outgassing solutions are needed to protect crew compartments and sensitive optical equipment from material contamination in extreme temperatures. Momentive offers an expanding line of low outgassing silicones for sealing, protective coatings, electronics packaging, thermal interface materials, thermal protection systems and photovoltaic array assembly. The grades meet or exceed the ASTM E-595 standard outlined in NASA SP-R-0022A and European Space Agency PSS-014-702.

Silicone RTVs for Thermal Protection Systems

These silicones maintain critical properties for an extended time over a wide range of extreme temperatures encountered by spacecraft (-130°C to 260°C). They remain flexible in the extreme low temperatures of space and have excellent thermal insulation properties. They are low outgassing and offer very high structural adhesion. They come in different viscosities from paste to flowable and some are electrically conductive.

Key Requirements for Aerospace

Aerospace material specifications can be met with specific adhesive grades varying in viscosity, cure speed, optical, electrical and thermal properties.

  • High corrosion and fatique resistance
  • Low flame, smoke and toxicity characteristics
  • Flame retardancy
  • Exceptional mechanical properties
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Halogen free formulations
  • Noise and vibrational damping
  • Compliance with stringent health, safety and environmental legislation
  • Durability in harsh environments
  • High and low temperature resistance

Potential Applications for these Aerospace grades include:

  • Cast in place heat shielding
  • Crew capsule applications
  • Thermal insulation of sensitive components
  • Protective coatings for critical equipment
  • Encapsulants & potting for high heat locations
  • Interior & exterior adhesives
  • Flexible composite coatings
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