The UV materials market is about to be shaken up thanks to the highly anticipated arrival of a range of revolutionary UV-Curing Silicone encapsulants and adhesives developed by Momentive Performance Materials. These state of the art materials will employ a two-step cure system that will help improve the efficiency of PCB assembly processes.

This brand new line up of UV cure encapsulants and adhesives will be available with a range of different viscosities ranging from pastes to high flow materials. Paste and high-flow types can be used together for dam and fill applications; moderate flow can be used for encapsulation applications where strict flow control is required or for thick section encapsulation where as the flowable type will be best suited for applications where a thinner encapsulation is required.

Further information is soon to follow on this ground breaking range, for now, here is a taster video showing how this two-step cure system works in a PCB assembly.


Momentive Two-Step UV Cure Silicone Taster Video