OverTEC 5FR is a low pressure moulding system, positioned between high pressure short cycle time processes for mass production and gravity fed long cycle time processes for small runs and prototypes. OverTEC seals and protects electrical and electronic components in a cost effective way through increased production and low cost tooling.

Typically OverTEC can be used to: overmould PCBs, make electric cable glands, provide strain relief on cables, protect sensors and to make electronic connectors for IP protection.

In addition to supplying the OverTEC material, Techsil can also provide customers with design advice for tooling and offer a cost effective CAD design and manufacture service for whatever tooling is required. Alternatively OverTEC  5FR can be used with the customer’s existing tooling.

Key Specifications of OverTEC

  • High Performance Polyamide
  • ULV0 Flammability rating
  • Water Resistant
  • High & Low temperature resistance
  • Very high molten tack
  • Good adhesion to many substrates including PCB, PVC,
  • Available in stick and bulk forms
  • Available in Black or Amber colours
  • Cycle time of less than 1 minute
  • Parts can be handled direct from tool

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Demonstration of OverTEC - Low Pressure Injection Moulding

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