Removing cured and uncured silicone can be a tricky business – and generally not easily done without the use of nasty chemicals we wouldn’t want to come into contact with very often. Techsil have 3 friendly solutions available to help you with your chemical cleaning problems.


Silstrip chemically digests cured and uncured silicone elastomers and polymers allowing the residue to be easily rinsed off using water or solvents. You’ll find no halogenated solvents, heavy metal, cyanide or water on the ingredients list– making Silstrip a minimal hazard rated product! Silstrip is low odour, with low evaporation and a high flash point. No diluting or heating is required with the product – it comes ready to use. Silstrip can be used on substrates such as: iron and steels, glass and ceramics, epoxy composites, copper and aluminium and their alloys (not coloured or anodised aluminium) without adverse effects and has very little attack on rubber, elastomers and most painted surfaces. Silstrip is an exceptionally popular product with those who have already found it and it’s said to give better results than the brand leader.


Pronatur is a heavy duty safe, non-toxic solvent cleaner and degreaser that removes mineral oil based problems such as tar, grease, carbon, and bitumen. Pronatur also removes waxes, adhesives, uncured paint, varnish and oil based inks. It will help clear up asphalt, creosote, chewing gum, silicone sealant and really comes into its own when being used to clean combustion engines, electric motor cleaning and cleaning oil spills from hard surfaces.

Pronatur is a product formulated with derivatives from orange oils and a synthesized mineral oil – creating a much safer alternative to the chlorinated and paraffin based solvents available in today’s markets! The friendly nature of Pronatur doesn’t detract from its effectiveness – you can trust it as a heavy duty cleaner on a huge range of surfaces! It is completely safe on metals, composite plastics, cermanics, acrylics, concrete, brick, stone glass, wood and most painted surfaces. Pronature will not cause any damage to most surfaces, although care should be taken when using on silk, leather and some rubbers.

As Pronatur is non miscible with water so it has the added benefit of being an ideal oily water separator – where oily residues are washed into separator or interceptor tanks no emulsification occurs so outfalls are completely free of oil and solvent. 

Pronatur is suitable for cold cleaning; heating generates no advantages and can be used in any normal cleaning system, wipe on ultrasonic cleaners, dip tanks or power washes.


Three Bond 2706 is a mixture of several non-toxic solvents with high cleaning properties. It is very effective on grease, dirt, oil, uncured adhesive products, metal residues etc. and can also provide a clean surface for bonding. TB2706 is a quick drying product with a fast evaporation speed. It contains no Freon or chlorine and is low odour. This product is exceptionally easy to apply as it is a spray can application. TB 2706 is non-conductive and is applicable for electrical and mechanical parts; however it is not designed for cleaning PCS’s.