Vitralit® UC 6686 is a newly developed light curable epoxy adhesive from manufacturer Panacol. Upon exposure to ultraviolet light, it cures in seconds to form a crystal clear, extremely hard, scratch resistant surface perfect for dome coatings and for decorating glass and plastics.

Vitralit® UC 6686 is an epoxy resin based single-component adhesive, which cures rapidly under UV light. Developed especially for dome coatings, its high viscosity makes it ideal for automatic dispensing and application of doses in very close pitch precise patterns without spreading.

The viscosity is such that it cures to a glossy curved dome which can optically magnify and enhance the appearance of a label or structure underneath it.

Once cured, Vitralit® UC 6686 is extremely hard and scratch-resistant and has a transparent, brilliant high-gloss surface that does not yellow. It adheres especially well to glass, plastics and metals and has already been successfully used in the decoration of glass perfume bottles and product labels.

When used as a protective coating the doming lends the surface a more refined, higher-quality look and feel while also making it resistant to environmental influences.

Additional applications include:

  • Protective coating of logos on vehicle badges exposed to outdoor elements, logos on items that have to withstand the heat and water of a dishwasher or even more extreme environments such as subsea applications.
  • Coatings to enhance the appearance of decorative articles including lapel pins, pens, name plates and key rings.
  • Dome coatings are also applied to medals, fashion labels on glasses, adhesive labels and quality product labels, for example on glass whisky and perfume bottles.

The adhesive can be cured with both UV gas discharge lamps and UV LED lamps. Very good adhesion of applications over a large surface can be achieved with Hönle’s LED Spot 100 at a wavelength of 365 nm.


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