A few years ago changes to REACH meant all of the Water Clear grades from the US had to be withdrawn from UK and European markets due to the level of mercury they contained. In order to find a replacement for the mercury the whole formulation of water clear polyurethanes had to be addressed, something that we are pleased to reveal BJB Enterprises have achieved!

As BJB’s UK distributor Techsil can now bring to the market a new range of water clear, aliphatic-based polyurethane elastomers which are completely free from mercury, phthalates and TDI. These new grades are recommended for use whenever a permanently transparent elastomer is required; they have UV light and oxidation resistance and can be easily be tinted or pigments to offer clean, bright colours.

Compatible with tin and platinum cure silicone moulds, this new range is available shore hardness from 55 Shore A up to 85 Shore D with various work times.

For further information, or to request a sample contact our technical team via technical@techsil.co.uk or call us on 01789 773232.