Techsil® RTV10533 High Performance Silicone 30cc

Estimated October 2021
Techsil RTV10533C 30cc Man Syr
£6.90 £5.75
Techsil RTV10533 is a one-component, ready-to-use, adhesive/sealant with a flowable consistency specially developed for applications where high strength is required. On exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature this product cures to a very tough, durable, resilient silicone rubber. Techsil® RTV10533 utilizes an acetoxy cure system, releasing small amounts of acetic acid vapours from the sealant during cure. RTV 10533 is easy-to-use with no mixing. It’s flowable and cures at room temperature with a condensation cure system. RTV10533 has very high strength and high and low temperature resistance (-60°C to +200 °C). It bonds excellently to silicone rubbers, is great for bonding silicone HCR gaskets together. It can be used as a seam sealer and for bonding silicone coated fabric. It complies with FDA food grade regulations although does not have official certification.
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