Techsil® RTV2430 Moulding Compound 30 Shore A 1kg

Techsil RTV2430 1kg
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Techsil® RTV 2430 is a two-component condensation cure RTV Silicone with 30A Shore hardness. Once cured, this product is an exceptionally flexible rubber with very high mechanical properties and good sheer life stability. It is suitable for mould making of intricate patterns with extremely good pick up of fine details. Softer grades are better suited for use where there are deep undercuts. Key features of RTV2430 include very high tear strength, dimensional stability, chemical resistance to PU and PE and of course high detail pick up. Beige in colour, this viscous liquid offers a pot life of just shy of 2 hours with a full de-mould time of 7 hours. Catalyst required to cure, Beta 7 (sold separately). Also available in 10 Shore A (RTV2410) and 20 Shore A (RTV2420).
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