Techsil® RTV27844 Clear Silicone Rubber 10:1 250ml

Techsil RTV27844 250ml 10:1
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Techsil® RTV27844 is a clear liquid, which cures at room temperature to a high strength silicone rubber with the addition of a curing agent. Once cured, RTV27844 has a hardness of 44 shore A, with 120% elongation, and a 1,406 refractive index. RTV27844 is supplied as a complete kit in a handy 10:1 side by side cartridge. Users will require a suitable gun to aid dispension. RTV27844 is a low viscosity, easily pourable liquid with the capability of remaining flexible at low temperatures and have been used for the protection of electronic components and assemblies against shock, vibration, moisture, ozone, dust, chemicals, and other environmental hazards by potting or encapsulation for applications such as potting solar cells for maximum light transmission and electronic assemblies where component identification is necessary or desirable. The clarity of RTV27844 allows for visual inspection through the silicone, permitting easy identification and repair of the encapsulated parts. The cure rate of Techsil® RTV27844 can be accelerated by heat and it will cure in deep sections or enclosed assemblies without exotherm and with low shrinkage. The chemical composition contains no solvents for ease of use on production lines and its clarity permits visual inspection for easy identification and repair of encapsulated parts. Techsil® RTV 27844 retains its elastomeric properties at temperatures of up to 204 C.
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