TECHSiL® RTV27905 Clr Silicone Gel Encapsulant 2kg

Techsil RTV27905 A&B 2KG WEB
£165.84 £138.20
TECHSiL® RTV27905 is a soft, adherent, clear silicone elastomer gel which is designed for the encapsulation and protection of electronic components. It is a low viscosity, 2 component system that is easily mixed in a 1:1 ratio. RTV27905 belongs to a wider family of products in a similar range and is the softest gel in the group. It is used to provide protection from vibration and thermal or mechanical shock. TECHSiL® RTV 27905 has excellent dielectric properties and also gives protection from water and many environmental contaminants. This product is flexible down to -55°C, and suitable for use up to +200°C, offering excellent adhesion to many substrates and providing superb curing characteristics and pot life. RTV27905 is a direct replacement for the discontinued grade RTV6166.
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