Techsil® RTV27909 Clear Potting Silicone Gel 2kg

Techsil RTV27909 A&B 2KG WEB
£180.78 £150.65
Techsil® RTV27909 is a clear and colourless, solvent free two-component silicone gel. It is a easily pourable and is kit matched in a handy 1:1 mixing ratio; 1kg Part A & 1kg Part B. RTV 27909 cures very quickly at room temperature by an addition reaction to a tacky silicone gel with excellent vibration dampening properties and offers superb mechanical shock protection. This product has been specially designed for electronic potting applications, such a hybrid IC insulation, potting of power modules and sensors when fast cure at room temperature is required. Techsil® RTV27909 can be used from -50°C to +150°C and cures as a soft, tacky gel offering adhesion to many different substrates. RTV27909 is a direct replacement for the discontinued grade RTV6196.
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