TECHSiL® Silstrip Liquid Silicone Remove/Digest 1L

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TECHSiL® Sil strip Liquid Remover chemically digests cured and uncured silicone elastomers or polymers making them easily water or solvent rinseable.TECHSiL® Silstrip Liquid Remover does not contain halogenated solvents, heavy metal, cyanide or water. It may be used on aluminium (except coloured, anodised aluminium) and its alloys, copper and its alloys, iron and steels, glass and ceramics, epoxy composites etc. without adverse effects. TECHSiL® Silstrip has little attack on rubber and other elastomers or most painted surfaces. Silstrip is ready to use: no diluting or heating required. It is a low odour material with low evaporation, high flash point and a minimal hazard rating.
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