Stokvis DD009 D/S Cotton Cloth Tape 12mmx23m

DD009 12mmx23m
£28.64 £23.87

Stokvis DD009 is a double sided tape which consists of a cotton cloth carrier and a cured rubber resin adhesive. It is flame retardant, strong and highly conformable with good tack. It has a strong bond that improves with age and it bonds in the most harmful environments during tough tensions.

This is an industrial tape developed to meet the strict requirements of the aviation industry and is used for installing carpets on interior floors and stairways of commercial aircrafts. It is used where a heavy-duty, double side, flame retardant tape is required, such as fastening automotive interior carpets and vinyl's, splicing foil, plastic, metal, glass or cloth. It is used commercial and institutional carpet installations, especially on rough surfaces such as concrete or unfinished wooden floors, and also for mounting kick plates to mount trim strips where walls meet pre-hung ceilings.

Product Specifications

  • Airbus ABD 0031
  • Airbus CML 08-062
  • Airbus DAN 328
  • Airbus NSA 5314
  • Boeing 58-4102-0012
  • Boeing 58-4101-5812
  • Boeing BMS 5-133C Type 1 Class 1
  • FAR Part 23 Sec. 853
  • Lockheed LAC 24-1257
  • McDonnell Douglas DMS 1971
  • McDonnel Douglas MD-11 24A152
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