Stokvis Double Sided Tissue Tape (Log cut to size)

DSTS3014 Log 1000mmx50m
£427.97 £356.64

ITW Stokvis DST3014 double sided tissue tape 1000mm x 50m. This double sided tape consists of a paper tissue carrier and a modified acrylic dispersion adhesive. It has a good resistance against high temperatures, solvents and ageing. DSTS 3014 promotes very good adhesion, also to LSE substrates. This tape is APEO free and is used for adhesion of porous materials, such as open pour and impregnated foams, cellular polyethylene cellular rubber, EPDM, soft and hard PVC, felt, paper and wood.

Techsil have on site log conversion capability and cut the log down to any size rolls you require. Simply choose the quantity of total logs you require above, and in your order comments advise what size you would like the rolls to be cut to. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly on 01789 773232.

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