Stokvis SSF3259 Single Side Foam Tape 50mm x 12m

SSF3259 6mm x 50mm x 12m
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Stokvis SSF3259 is a single sided compression sealant tape which consists of a medium hard PVC foam carrier with mainly closed cells and a solvent based pure acrylic adhesive. The liner is on the non-adhesive side.

SSF3259 is the ideal choice to be used as a compression water and air/ dust seal to prevents corrosion and gap filing. It offers good resistance to ageing, abrasion, corrosion, humidity, diluted acids and alkalis along with a very good resistance to UV light. Similar properties to neoprene foam.

Product Specifications

  • Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use
  • Similar properties to neoprene foam
  • UV, humidity and corrosion resistant
  • File rate to DIN 4102 Part 1, B2.
  • Roll Dimensions

  • 6mm Thick
  • 50mm Wide
  • 12m Long
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