tec™ 4500S Spray Pneumatic Reservoir Glue Gun

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TEC 4500S (Spray) Gun 240V
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The tec™ 4500S is a highly versatile tool that features a unique built-in melt chamber that allows the use of adhesive in granular form, pillows or slugs. This reliable and easy to use glue gun offers great user-comfort thanks to its ergonomic design and ensures effortless and lightweight work for the operator. The quick start up cuts down on warm-up time required and its one-handed twist action lock allows for extremely quick and easy loading of the glue tank! In addition, the soft-closing mechanism ensures efficient energy consumption and the highest possible melt rate going! This tool is operated by air supply, an inlet can be found near the electricity. Also available as a bead gun (tec™ 4500B).
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