Spraytec™ 6300 Industrial Spray Hot Melt Glue Gun

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6300 43 HM Glue Gun 230V
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The Spraytec™ 6300 is an extremely robust 43mm spray glue gun designed for bonding large areas. The output and spray pattern can be quickly adjusted to meet the requirements of each application. Bead, swirl and spray patterns are all achieved with one simple adjustment. No expensive bulk tanks and fragile hoses required! Just connect up the compressed air, plug in and start spraying. Ideal for use on heat sensitive substrates such as foams and polystyrene. It offers the same heavy duty and reliable build as the rest of the 6000 range. The air assisted touch trigger ensures high volume glue dispensing with no operator fatigue and total control 500 w heater system provides fast warm up (10 minutes), even melt rate and a fast smooth molten glue flowFast reload system ensures minimum downtime and maximum output. Melt rate 4.2kg per hour. Weight 1.4kg. Area coverage 13m² to 50m² dependant upon pattern Fitted with 180°C thermostat as standard. High temperature version available for use with polyamides - contact us to discuss your requirements. For use with Spraytec™ 43mm adhesives. Designed and built under ISO9001. Complies with all European safety requirements. Supplied complete with 1 year warranty.
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