Spraytec™ 7300 43mm Hotmelt Spray Glue Gun

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7300 43 HM Glue Gun 230V
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The Spraytec™7300 is one of the world's highest output hand-held spray guns. The TEC 7300 is a serious alternative to bulk tank hotmelt systems at a fraction of the cost. This is an extremely robust, 43mm spray glue gun which offers interchangeable spray heads allowing you to change the spray patterns from wide to narrow and the amount of adhesive extruded at one time. The spray pattern can also be adjusted by using the rear mounted spray control knob. A range of spray adhesive formulations are available to suit most applications.

This unique, economic hotmelt spray system is ideal for covering areas of up to 2m2 with one cartridge, and can be used on heat sensitive materials, such as expanded polystyrene and other plastic films and foams. Operating temperature is obtained in only 10 minutes from cold.

The most unique feature on this tool is the built-in speed loader, which holds an extra two 43mm glue cartridges in reserve. Plus, it also enables the user to re-load in seconds whilst continuing to use the tool thereby reducing downtime.

Due to the advanced heater housing design and the powerful dual 500 watt heaters, the TEC 7300 is able to dispense up to 5.25 kg of molten hotmelt per hour. The Spraytec™7300 is designed for use with Spraytec™ 43mm spray glue products - Hot melt, low melt and Polyamide versions available - call to discuss your requirements.

Other features include:

  • Thermal fuse protection.
  • Optional nozzle assemblies available for different spray patterns.
  • 110v and 240v available please specify when ordering.
  • Weight 1.5kg.
  • Supplied with 3m cord set - 6m and 12m sets available as options.
  • Designed and built under ISO9001
  • Complies with all European safety requirements.
  • Supplied complete with 1 year warranty.
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