tec 12mm Hotmelt Glue Saver- Reduce Waste & Re-use

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NDR022 Glue Saver 12mm
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The tec 12mm Glue Saver is a clever invention made from a black silicone rubber. When working with coloured glue sticks or different grades it can sometimes be a pain when you are switching over glues sticks. With the invention of the Glue Saver you can now re-shape all of your waste hotmelt into new useable 12mm sticks. Simply place the glue saver block onto a craft friendly surface, a tecMat would be ideal, insert the nozzle of your gun into one of the holes in the block and pump the waste glue until the molten glue reaches the top. It will take around 20 minutes for your new sticks to set.
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