tec™ NDN006 Handle Moulding for tec™6100/6300

NDN006 Handles Pair
£21.85 £18.21
The tec™ NDN006 is a replacement clamshell moulding designed for use with the tec™6000 range of glue guns, namely the tec™6100 and tec™6300. Over time, cured glue can collect within the vents of the glue gun clamshells, cured hotmelt glue can be removed with Techsil® Pronatur solvent however if your tool is bond cleaning the NDN006 allows you to maintain your glue gun without returning it back to the manufacturer. Please note, all tec™ glue guns come with a 1 year Manufacturers Warranty, if your tool is less than 1 year old we would advise you return your gun to us for repair as changing your tools clamshell moulding with void any remaining warranty you may have.
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