tecbond® Flora-Tec 2 Clear Low Melt Adhesive 10kg

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Floratec 2 - LM Adhesive 10kg
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Flora-Tec 2 is a clear/transparent glue formulated to be used in low temperature glue guns. Flora-Tec 2 is a low melt, medium setting general purpose grade ideal for use in florist, craft, hobby and educational markets. This grade is suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrates such as paper, cardboard, fabrics, expanded polystyrene, floristry foam, dried and silk flowers and many more. The low applicator temperature requirements for this material improves glue gun reliability and reduces the risk of thermal burns. Suitable for use with the tec™ 810 12 Low Temp Low Melt Glue Gun and tec™ 820 12 Industrial Hot and Low Melt Glue Gun.
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