ThreeBond TB1110H White Pipe Sealant 50gm

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TB1110H 50gm TUBE
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Three Bond TB 1110H is a one-component, solvent free, fast setting anaerobic reactive pipe sealant compound. The product cures spontaneously with the exclusion of oxygen and in the presence of metallic, particularly ferrous, ions. The added fluororesin gives high lubricating properties to prevent galling on stainless steel, aluminium and other metal pipe threads. TB 1110H provides an instant low pressure seal & lubricates during assembly to prevent thread galling. It completely seals against air, oil, water and most chemicals, exhibiting excellent chemical and thermal resistance & excellent vibration resistance. TB 1110 H is very fast setting and is used typically for the sealing of pipe threads and fittings up to M80 in a variety of industrial applications including automotive, chemical, petroleum, marine, gas etc. against air, water, oil and hydraulic fluid. Taper or parallel threaded plugs & pipe flange surfaces.
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