ThreeBond TB1133E Blue Anaerobic Liquid Gasket 50g

TB1133E 50g TUBE
£17.28 £14.40

TB1133E is a solventless one-component, anaerobic type liquid gasket with low odour and irritation. The product will cure when compressed between two metallic surfaces and isolated from oxygen, and an elastic gasket is formed within a very short time being completely adapted to the surface structure of the fitting surfaces.

TB1133E has been developed specifically as an automotive flange sealant, the cured gasket exhibiting flexibility comparable to that of silicone based gaskets, excellent adhesion to substrates, high temperature and chemical resistance, making this product suitable for sealing aluminium parts and castings as well as rigid steel parts. Typical applications include automotive engine sealant for oil pans, transmission cases and other flange surfaces, aluminium gear castings and engine castings.

Product Benefits

  • Superior chemical resistance after curing
  • Superior pressure resistance
  • Low temp curing
  • Improved maintenance and removability capabilities
  • Superior high temperature performance
  • High adhesive strength
  • Lower irritation
  • Lead time: 35 days

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