ThreeBond TB1206D Grey No-Acid Liquid Gasket 200ml

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TB1206D 200gm TUBE
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ThreeBond TB1206D is a single-component, solvent free and non-acid liquid gasket based on modified silicone with low odour emission. It has been developed as a direct replacement for the TB1208 series, which contained phthalate plasticizers. Within a very short time TB1206D forms a rubber- like high elastic gasket completely adapted to the surface structure of the flange faces. TB1206D has been designed specifically as a liquid gasket for flange surfaces which must resist extreme vibrations, e.g. transmission case for tractors etc. Being of modified silicone nature it has excellent adhesion to painted surfaces and can also be over-painted. TB 1206D has excellent chemical resistance against engine oil, outstanding mechanical resistance, excellent adhesion even to slightly contaminated surfaces, it is extremely fast curing with no shrinkage and no generation of corrosive gases.

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