ThreeBond TB1215 Grey OEM Engine Gasket 330ml

TB1215 330ml CARTRIDGE
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Three Bond TB 1215 is an OEM approved single-component, solvent free and non-acid liquid gasket on RTV-Silicone basis (Room Temperature Vulcanising) with low odour. Within a very short time it forms a rubber-like highly elastic gasket completely adapted to the surface structure of the flange face. ThreeBond 1215 has been designed specifically as an automotive flange sealant with extremely high chemical resistance, for use on gear cases, oil pans and valve covers. TB 1215 has excellent chemical resistance against gear oil with outstanding mechanical resistance against shear forces. It has excellent adhesion even to slightly polluted surfaces and is extremely fast curing. It provides an instantaneous sealing for pressure and firing test. It is sensor safe and can be used in oil pan sealing; gear case sealing; valve cover sealing and the such like.

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