ThreeBond TB1216E RTV Silicone Liquid Gasket 310ml

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Lead time: 55 days

ThreeBond TB 1216E is a single component, solvent free and non-acid RTV silicone liquid gasket with low odour. Within a very short time this grade forms a rubber-like highly elastic gasket completely adapted to the surface structure of the flange faces. ThreeBond 1216E has been designed specifically for use as an automotive flange sealant with excellent chemical resistance to high-grade oil, initial pressure resistance and mechanical properties. TB1216E offers high and low temperature performance, maintaining rubber elasticity over a temperature range between -60ºC up to +200ºC, momentarily stable at 250ºC. This grey silicone is recommended as an automotive engine sealants for oil plans, chain cases and other flange surfaces. Tack free time of 6 minutes, cures to a 57 Shore A grade.

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