ThreeBond TB1217H High Elongation Gasket 310ml

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TB1217H 310ml Cartridge
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Three Bond 1217H is a high elongation single-component, solvent free and non-acid RTV-Silicone (Room Temperature Vulcanising) silicone liquid gasket with low odour. Within a very short time it forms a rubber-like highly elastic gasket completely adapted to the surface structure of the flange faces. TB1217H has been designed specifically for use as an automotive flange sealant with excellent chemical resistance to high-grade oils, initial pressure resistance and mechanical properties. It has excellent chemical resistance against high grade engine oil, type SJ and excellent initial pressure resistance. It is a high elongation type with excellent mechanical properties. Outstanding high and low temperature performance, maintaining rubber elasticity over a broad temperature range, -60°C to 200°C (momentarily 250°C). It does not sag and is used typically as an automotive engine sealant for oil pans, chain cases and other flange surfaces.

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