ThreeBond TB1346B Blue Low Strength ThreadLock 50g

TB1346B 50gm BOTTLE
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TB1346B is a low strength thread lock that has been developed for use on bolts and small screws where disassembly with hand tools is required for servicing. The use of TB1346B eliminates mechanical locking parts such as spring or toothed washers, nylon nuts, etc. and you can use screws of nylon nuts etc.

All of ThreeBond's thread locks cure spontaneously when sealed off from contact with the air between close fitting metallic surfaces and inhibit the development of rust, leaks, corrosion and are not affected by oils, chemicals, salt water, various gases or solvents.

Product Benefits

  • White label MSDS – no irritant marking
  • Low strength, frequent removal type
  • Reduces required fastening on torque
  • Completely seals against oil, water and most chemicals
  • Excellent vibration resistance
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