ThreeBond TB1401B Green Screwlock 200gm

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TB1401B 200gm TIN
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Three Bond 1401 B is a green screw locking agent that contains synthetic resins and rubbers as its main components. In a single application it prevents screws, nuts and bolts from loosening, leaking and rusting. Threaded components assembled with TB1401 B are designed to be removable with a force approximately 10 ~ 20% greater than that used for fastening. Being an air drying resin TB1401 B cures completely even outside the confines of the threaded sections. This means it can be used to replace conventional low strength anaerobic threadlockers and tamper-proof paints, and is applicable to plastic parts. For screws which require greater locking and are not subjected to frequent disassembly, Three Bond 1300 Series anaerobic locking agents are recommended. When cured TB1401 B is resilient and provides excellent vibration and impact resistance. Being of low viscosity, it penetrates into threads to prevent loosening and leakage & prevents rusting and corrosion. It has excellent locking effect for easy disassembly with normal tools. It does not affect plastics or painted parts and can be used in a wide range of temperatures. It maintains locking effect permanently.
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