ThreeBond TB1530B Black Low Odour Adhesive 150ml

TB1530B 150gm 150ml TUBE
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TB1530B is a MS polymer single-component, solvent free elastic adhesive on the basis of a silylended polymer which reacts rapidly upon exposure to moisture in the air and cures to form a toughened elastomer with time. Since there are no solvents or plasticisers contained in the adhesive it shows excellent non-staining characteristics against adherents when used as a sealant and is over-paintable.

TB1530 provides excellent weather resistance, high adhesion strength to most substrates without the need for primer pre-treatment, and is environmentally friendly due to its low odour and non-isocyanate.

In addition, TB1530 can be used for sealing and potting applications for which conventional RTV rubbers have been used. As no low-molecular siloxanes are produced during curing it will not corrode metals or impair electrical contacts. It's highly elastic therefore good peel strength impact and vibration resistance & offers high adhesion strength to metals, plastics, rubbers, wood and inorganic materials. environmentally friendly with a low odour.

TB1530 is one-component, rapid curing and does not require UV or thermal curing facilities. It has Non-solvent and low toxicity due to non-isocyanate ingredients and can be over-painted.

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