ThreeBond TB2086M Quick Setting Epoxy 50ml

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ThreeBond TB2086M consists of a two-component epoxy resin and hardener which is designed for fast fixing and bonding of a wide range of materials. Handleable bonds are achieved in as little as 5 minutes whilst full properties can be attained in 30 minutes at room temperature.

Compared with standard types TB2086M has improved low temperature curing characteristics, higher impact resistance and excellent workability due to its low viscosity.

Supplied in an easy to use 50ml side by side cartridge which can be dispensed by either a manual or pneumatically operated application gun. Once cured TB206M excels in electric properties as well as mechanical strength and offers very good chemical resistance.

Product Benefits

  • Rapid setting within minutes at room temperature
  • Low viscosity mixed resin with excellent flowability
  • Transparent when mixed for cosmetically sensitive parts
  • Lead Time: 35 days

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