ThreeBond TB2706 Non-Freon Aerosol Cleaner 420ml

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TB2706 420ml AEROSOL
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ThreeBond TB2706 is a mixture of several non-toxic solvents with high cleaning properties. It is very effective on grease, dirt, oil, uncured adhesive products, metal residues and more and can also provide a clean surface for bonding.

This grade is non-conductive and is suitable for electrical and mechanical parts, although it has not been designed for cleaning PCB's.

Product Specifications

  • Non-freon, non-chlorine product
  • Fast evaporation speed
  • Easy spray application
  • High pressure propellant penetrates and cleans more effectively
  • Low odour

  • Technical Properties

  • Appearance:Transparent Liquid
  • Drying Time:30 seconds
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