ThreeBond TB3114 White UV Epoxy Resin 250g

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TB3114 250gm White
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ThreeBond 3114 is an epoxy resin based solvent- free ultraviolet-curing resin. Since the resin cures through optical cationic polymerization it is not inhibited from curing by oxygen, and it excels in surface curability.

TB3114 cures to a free, fast setting anaerobic reactive pipe sealant compound. The product cures spontaneously with the exclusion of oxygen and in the presence of metallic, particularly ferrous, ions. The added fluororesin gives high lubricating properties to prevent galling on stainless steel, aluminium and other metal pipe threads.

Product Benefits

  • Can be cured by irritation of UV light
  • It's shrinkage factor during curing is low
  • It excels in surface curability
  • Good adhesion to various materials
  • Does not need to be heated after irradiated by UV light
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