ThreeBond TB5211 White Silicone Sealant 330ml

TB5211 330ml CARTRIDGE
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Lead time: 35 days

TB5211 is a single-component, non slumping paste, solvent free and non-acid RTV silicone sealant which has been developed for civil engineering, construction and industrial use. ThreeBond's 5211 cures spontaneously on exposure to atmospheric moisture and forms a durable rubber solid. TB5211 offers an excellent adhesive strength to glass, metals, wood, plastics, UPVC, concrete, ceramics etc. It also has excellent weather-proof characteristics and maintains constant performance . TB 5211 is stable against sunlight, ozone, water , temperature change etc. and maintains permanent elasticity without deterioration and colour change . TB5211 boasts outstanding cold and heat resistance and maintains a stable rubber-like elasticity over an impressive temperature range from -70c to +260c. ThreeBond 5211 is available in 3 colours - 5211 is white, 5211C is clear, 5211E is black. All are available in 330ml cartridges.
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