ThreeBond TB7784 Clear Instant Cyano Adhesive 20gm

TB7784 20gm BOTTLE
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ThreeBond 7784 is an ultra-rapid curing type instant adhesive whose main component is ethyl-a-cyanoacrylate. When a thin layer of adhesive is applied to one of the substrates and the substrates are laminated, the adhesive causes a chemical reaction in several seconds to a few minutes with the aid of a trace amount of water on the bonded surfaces and becomes a rigid cured substance. It can bond with material remarkably quickly.

TB7784 exhibits high adhesion instantaneously (within 2 seconds to 3 minutes). It is a one-part adhesive, which can be used readily and excels with its quick-curing properties and bonds various materials (porous and acid materials) in a short time. In appearance, TB7784 is colourless to clear light yellow.

For detailed information on its moisture, chemical and thermal resistance, please see the technical datasheet.

Lead time: 35 days

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