Techsil® TIM11123GB Thermally Conductive RTV 310ml

Techsil TIM11123(GB) 310ml Crt
£198.31 £165.26
Techsil® TIM11123 (GB) Grey is a 200 micron, self-gapping, non-corrosive, 1-part room temperature vulcanising (RTV) silicone rubber. It is one of a new family of products called acetone cure sealants. These products are cured rapidly in contact with atmospheric moisture to a tough rubber that exhibits an excellent thermal conductive property of ~2.3 W/m.K. Techsil® TIM11123 (GB) does not corrode copper or its alloys and exhibits excellent primerless adhesion to many substrates when fully cured. It been designed to be flowable and contains glass beads to control bond line thickness. Techsil® TIM-11123 (GB) comes ready to use, in a 310ml cartridge.
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