TECHSiL® 50cSt High Temp Silicone Fluid 10lb/4.5kg

TSF 50cs 10LB (4.54kg)
£169.62 £141.35
TECHSiL® Silicone Fluid 50cs is a high temperature Silicone Oil which is a water-white dimethyl fluid. TECHSiL® Silicone Fluid is characterised by high-temperature stability, oxidation resistance and only a small change in viscosity with temperature. In addition, the fluids are chemically very inert, have good electrical properties, high compressibility and good resistance to shear breakdown. TECHSiL® Silicone dimethyl fluids are chemically inert and are unaffected by most materials and have no deleterious effect on most common materials of construction. TECHSiL® Silicone fluids are exceptionally stable when exposed to high temperatures. At 315ºC, thermal rearrangement of the silicone molecular structure begins and, as the temperature rises still further, low-molecular weight siloxane volatiles are formed. TECHSiL® Silicone dimethyl fluids have been developed for use in industrial applications. No guarantee can be given that they can be used safely in medical/cosmetic applications. TECHSiL® Silicone fluids are available in a range of viscosities.
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