TECHSiL® Silicone Ink 20% Yellow 500gm

TSI 20% YELLOW 500gm TIN
£83.66 £69.72
TECHSiL® Silicone Ink is a one-component, flowable, heat curing ink, which offers primerless adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. When using on difficult to bond substrates, or a more aggressive chemical bond is required, SS4155 can be used to enhance adhesion. 20% (by weight) of yellow silicone pigment has been added to the TSI to give its colour density. TECHSiL® Silicone Ink contains no solvent and is a one component product, meaning there is no mixing required. It offers a fast cure at elevated temperatures, and gives no cure by-products. It is non-corrosive to metals and sensitive substrates and offers excellent dielectric properties.
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