Everywhere you look on the inside and out of today’s cars, you’ll find sealants, adhesives and tapes. Whether your interest lies in electronics, powertrain, lighting, chassis, coatings, brakes, seating or interiors, Techsil have a thorough knowledge of a wide selection of tapes and polymer and resin systems to advise you on.

Our products are helping drive innovation in a wide range of applications including:

  • High performance gels and encapsulants to protect sensitive electronics under-bonnet
  • Industry-leading friction resins for better-wearing brake linings and pads
  • Elastomers and moulding compounds for under-bonnet parts that combine high strength with light weight for increased fuel efficiency
  • Coatings that improve the clarity and useful life of headlight lenses
  • Resins and additives for weather and abrasion-resistant exterior paints and coatings
  • Fire-resistant resins and urethane additives for seating, moulded interiors and acoustical insulation
  • UV-acrylic resins for repairing laser weld panels non conformities to reduce scrap rates
  • Tapes, foams and hot melt for interior applications


And these are only the start. Techsil and our principals are working on state of the art developments for the automotive industry; accelerating innovation from the drive train to the finish, making us a key partner in the industry’s future.

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