As an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier of adhesives and sealants to the Aerospace and Defence industries, Techsil prides itself on meeting customers’ needs for complete traceability and full supporting documentation. The material systems available for Defence conform to military specifications (MIL-SPEC), BS1806 (British Standards) and we also offer grades which are NASA Approved for low outgassing, have NATO stock numbers (NSN codes) and meet the requirements of UL 94V-0 for flame retardancy. Our commitment to a high quality delivery service has seen relationships grow with key defence and aerospace industry leaders.

Since the merger with M-Tec Ltd, Techsil has widened their military specification expertise to incorporate O-Rings, Bonded Seals and Gaskets for the Defence Industry. In 2018, Techsil worked with Hellios to obtain JOSCAR accreditation to guarantee quality assurance and to ensure we are adding value to defence procurement.

Material Systems for Defence: Product Categories

From guidance and communication systems to sensors and heat transfer devices, Techsil’s unique mix of capabilities and products offer reliable solutions to challenging specifications. They include: high performance silicones, electrically conductive systems, thermally conductive pastes, electrically insulative pastes, conformal coatings, potting compounds, underfill encapsulants and tapes.

Supplier relations are very important to us and we value the links we have with key suppliers such as Freudenberg, Trelleborg, Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE), Henkel and Sherwin Williams.

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