Techsil offers a comprehensive portfolio of products that meet a wide array of handling and performance needs for electronic devices and component assemblies.

Providing solutions for bonding components, sealing against moisture or environmental ingress, coating components, underfilling, potting, encapsulation and thermal management, examples of typical applications include PCB and junction coating, component encapsulation, wire connector sealing, ECU potting, die attaching, glob top sealing and plastic housing bonding.

Thermal Management for Electronics

Long-term, reliable protection of sensitive electronic components is essential to many applications. Increasingly small systems and rising circuit densities have resulted in hotter operating temperatures and driven demand for high performance solutions for heat dissipation. Techsil, in unison with their key supply partners, are a driving force in supply of advanced thermal silicone technology to the electronics industry. A wide portfolio of thermal interface materials are available providing flame retardancy, thermal conductivity, temperature resistance, low-volatility, or high-purity benefits.

Material Systems for Electronics: Product Categories

As well as offering a full range of dielectric, high temperature, semi-flowable, paste, low corrosive and flame retardant silicone systems, Techsil also markets a variety of encapsulants, potting compounds, conductive and heat transfer tapes, flame retardant epoxies, metal primers, electrical potting and UV adhesive systems.

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