Techsil offers the Medical industry a complete range of adhesive and coating solutions including instant cure structural adhesives, UVA and visible light cure, adhesive tapes and patches along with flexible adhesives and sealants that are certified to comply with ISO 10993 or are USP Class VI approved. We also supply PU casting resins and silicone moulding compounds for the orthopaedic and prosthetics industries. Some of the features of this range include:

  • Room temperature, UV, visible light or heat cure
  • Variable cure speeds, viscosities and cured hardnesses available
  • A wide range of substrates can be bonded including plastics, metals, glass
  • ISO 10993 certified or USP Class VI approved
  • Consistent bond strength after sterilisation processes (ETO, Gamma radiation or steam)
  • Safe and non-toxic – 100% solvent free
  • Suitable for manual or automated production

Techsil’s materials are used in a wide variety of medical applications from bonding medical devices (eg valves, filters, catheters and connectors), surgical instruments and needle bonding to wound care coatings, respiratory devices and potting medical electronics. Typical applications are

  • Joining stainless steel cannulae to transparent or translucent hubs and syringes
  • Bonding/sealing of transparent polycarbonate or acrylic housing parts in blood oxygenators
  • Bonding/sealing stainless steel cannulae into flexible PVC infusion lines
  • Bonding soft PVC to rigid PVC in anaesthesia masks
  • Bonding of subassemblies in blood pressure transducers, stopcocks, fittings, adapters and arterial filters
  • Coating of PCBs in hearing aids
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