For decades, BJB has been an industry go-to for high performance polyurethane elastomers that are easy to use, fast turnaround, and perform reliably in demanding applications. The main caveats to these higher physical property systems is dealing with the natural amber base colour of the material and the urthane odor. When you tint these systems using light colour pigments and/or expose it to the sun, the colour shift can be swift and dramatic. Trying to colour-match or create bright white parts can also be a big challenge due to the amber base.

The ColorFlex range changes this and responds to these limitations with a semi-translucent, neutral white base colour that accepts a wide range of BJB’s 6800 series pigments and Techsil liquid pigment blends. When exposed to moderate UV Light, the colour stability of ColorFlex opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities.

One more major feature is the smell, its low odour! It exhibits good rebound, abrasion and tear resistance and is currently available in durometers between 50A and 95 A, with either fast or medium work times.

In line with EU standards, this new range is also: Mercury Free, Phthalate Free and RoHS/REACH Compliant.


BJB ColorFlex Range - Flexible Colour Stable Polyurethanes