Over the past few years there has been a shift within the wood working industry to move away from traditional metal fastening methods in favour of hotmelt adhesive; in 2014 we reported on how hotmelt was becoming the preferred choice for woodworkers and we have not seen this trend slow.  Hot melt adhesive bonds are strong, fast, reliable and cost effective. They can also provide an almost invisible finish unlike traditional methods.

Power Adhesive, a leading Manufacturer of hot melt adhesives and glue guns in the UK, didn’t stop at just revolutionising the way wood was initially bonded, they developed a unique range of wood repair solutions as well; the range is called knottec®.

knottec® is a range of knot-filling hot melt adhesives which allow for the fast and effective repair of not only knot defects, but also deep scratches and other forms of deep wood damage. Because of its tough characteristics knottec® is perfect for a whole range of wood repair and restoration applications including repairing wooden doors, window frames, furniture and floors.

When knottec® was first released there were just a few different colours available however, Power Adhesives have just released a further 8 wood shades, ensuring the best possible match to the surrounding wood prior to varnishing can be achieved. The broad spectrum of shades cover all popular wood types such as oak, pine, walnut, larch, and mahogany alongside a range of shades suitable for painted or stained wood.

knottec® is easy to trim and easy to sand once applied, allowing this unique system to be used for general wood working applications. However, due to its toughness it can also be used for hard-wearing applications such a repairing laminate flooring. Labelled as the most cost-effective wood repair system on the market today, we expect to see this system become another firm favourite with carpenters, cabinet makers and restoration professionals alike.

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