The Vitralit® range from Panacol are 1 part UV and light-curing adhesives including acrylates, epoxies and polyesters that cure within a few seconds. The Vitralit® range is very versatile and typical applications include:

  • Electronics - conformal coatings, glob top sealants, bonding components on PCBs, electronic potting applications as a flip-chip underfiller, sealing of plugs, switches, relays and sensors.
  • Transparent dome coatings - used as a scratch-resistant protective coating or to enhance the appearance of badges, name plates or to decorate glass.
  • Wire tacking  - on thermoplastics and bonding electronic components
  • Metal bonding – screw and thread locking
  • Glass bonding – to marble, thermoplastics, solar modules and large glass areas
  • Medical Equipment – needle bonding, medical plastics, USP Class VI, ISO 10993
  • Plastics bonding – PMMA and PC, glass, edge to edge bonding
  • Optics – Fibre optics, lenses, chip fibre and FO cable bonding