We understand the unique challenges of the drone industry, hardware boundaries are constantly being pushed as the role of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles evolves in today’s world. At Techsil, we offer a broad range of silicone products that can provide environmental protection, increase hardware reliability, improve sensor performance and extend component life. Working with Momentive Performance Materials, from launch to landing, our advanced silicone products enable the next generation of UAVs.

Why choose Silicones for Drones and UAVs?

  • Maintains critical properties for extended time over a wide range of extreme temperatures (-115c to 260c)
  • Offers sustained flexibility in extreme low temperatures
  • Provides excellent dielectric and thermal insulation
  • UV and Ozone resistance
  • Cures at room temperature
  • Available in a range of viscosities, from pastes to flowable materials to accommodate a wide range of applications
  • Low outgassing solutions available that meet or exceed ASTM E595 testing standards

What part of Drones and UAV assembly can Silicones help with?

  • Battery Management (PCB encapsulation, vibration dampening, battery potting, thermal adhesion, flame suppressant)
  • Connectors (Water proofing Pin Connectors, non-corrosive bonding)
  • EMI Shielding (Gap filling, thermal management, EMI)
  • O-Ring/Case Sealing
  • Sensor Coating, Potting and Sealing
  • Optical bonding (for enhanced user displays)


Momentive Silicone Solutions for Drones and UAVs

Momentive Silicones Brochure for Drones & UAVs