To welcome in the New Year Power Adhesives are introducing a revolutionary new range to their portfolio in the form of two industrial hot melt glue guns and pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives. As key distributors for Power Adhesive, Techsil are very excited about this announcement and the possibilities these products open up for their customers.

The guns which make up this latest hot melt system are Tec 4500B and Tec 4500S. They are both from the same family but offer great versatility when it comes to the dispensing method. The Tec 4500B is a bead dispenser allowing the glue to be dispensed in either bead or dot form, whereas the Tec 4500s is a spray gun – allowing the adhesive to be sprayed.  

Tec 4500’s have all features you would expect from an existing Tec range glue gun – they are easy to use, durable, reliable and high performance machines. What you may not be expecting is the unique melt chamber found on Tec 4500’s which allows the use of both bulk and shaped adhesives.

Loading the glue tank couldn’t be easier or quicker thanks to its innovative intelligent design – featuring a one-handed twist action lock on the glue tank coupled with a soft-closing mechanism which together ensures super fast loading, efficient energy consumption and the highest possible melt rate going!

The ergonomic design increases user-comfort and ensures effortless work for the operator. These guns are lightweight and boast a very quick start up – saving time by reducing the warm-up period and making the guns ready to use, fast! The Tec4500 guns would make one-handed operation a breeze if your application requires it and freedom of movement will never be an issue thanks to its detachable stand.

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