Bonded Seals

Originally designed to replace copper washers in higher pressure systems, bonded seals are simple in construction but very reliable. Made up from an elastomeric ring bonded to a metal form (either circular, square or rectangle in shape); the metal disc resists the bursting forces and so limits any distortion of the elastomeric element.

Benefits of Bonded Seals

  • Reliable for high and low pressure sealing
  • Offers wide temperature resistance
  • Metal ring prevents over-compression and extrusion
  • Available in a wide range of different elastomers and metals, with all European thread sizes obtainable.

Self-Centring Bonded Seals

Self-centring seals were developed to eliminate leaks due to the seal becoming offset; very similar to the bonded seal but with the additional benefit of pre-assembly on to the threads, reducing production line costs. The thin seal membrane offers little resistance during assembly.

Benefits of Self-Centring Bonded Seals

  • Concentrically located
  • Positively retained
  • Aids the ease of assembly, offers the ability to pre-assemble
  • Optimises component stocking
  • Simplifies location machining

Understanding Bonded Seal Part Numbers

Understanding Bonded Seals

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