Power Adhesives Ltd are Techsil’s supplier for tecbond® shaped and bulk hot melt adhesives and tec™ glue guns. Power Adhesives Ltd are Europe's leading shaped hot melt adhesive specialist and offer the largest range of high quality, competitively priced hot melt glue sticks and glue guns.

Hotmelts Adhesives and Glue Guns

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Hotmelts Adhesives and Glue Guns

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Advantages of Hot Melt Adhesives vs other types of Adhesives

    • Solvent and VOCs Free A key market advantage for hot melt adhesives is that they do not contain solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Tecbond adhesives are 100% solid, non-toxic adhesives. There is increased regulatory concern across the globe regarding VOCs and the effects on health and the environment. This is a main reason why so many different sectors such as Construction, Aerospace and Automotive are switching to hot melt from solvent-based adhesives.

    • Environmentally Friendly Hot melt produces minimal pollution and has little-to-no environmental effects. Unlike adhesives with solvents, you don’t need any special ventilation, nor are they flammable. Hence, governments, regulatory agencies and environmental organisations all support the use of hot melt over solvent-based products. The favourable policies enacted by governments around the world will continue to help increase the use of hot melt, which is expected to grow its market share at the expense of solvent-based adhesives. Hot melt insiders believe that companies will find as-yet-unrecognized uses for hot melt, given how non-polluting hot melt adhesives are.

  • Low Cost, Versatile and Safe to UseThe price point for hot melts is relatively low compared to other types of adhesives. For industries like construction and packaging with high-volume operations, it keeps costs down.

    Very versatile to apply with low cost capital investment. Available in stick, cartridge and bulk forms, our tecbond hot melt adhesives are applied using tec™ industrial glue guns which are portable, reliable low cost capital items. They can apply hot melt adhesive in bead, dot and spray patterns depending on the model selected. A wide range are available.

    Hot Melt adhesives are safe, easy to store and have a virtually unlimited shelf life unlike solvent adhesives.

    • Reliable Resistance Hot melts are resistant to weather & chemicals which is particularly attractive in automotive applications where it is used for seat upholstery, exterior trim bonding and door sealants.

Top Applications for Hot Melt Adhesives:

  • Furniture - Woodworking, Structural and Non-Structural Wood Products, Fabric & Foam Bonding, Mattresses
  • Packaging Solutions - Carton and Side-Seam Closures, Non-Pressure Sensitive Labels and Marking Systems, Corrugated Boxes and Trays, Flexible Packaging, Food, Frozen Goods
  • Building and Construction - Flooring Adhesive, Windows & Doors and Light Roofing Structures
  • Automotive, Aerospace & Transport – interior trims, carpets, seat fixings, cable fixings, emblems
  • Point of Sale Displays (POSD)
  • Electronics – low tech potting, PCB board assembly & low pressure overmoulding
  • Bookbinding, Cover page, Spine & Edge Bonding
  • Hygiene products
  • Sand Cores in Foundries
  • Footwear
  • Consumer DIY