Techsil supply Momentive's comprehensive 'SilCool' range of innovative thermally conductive silicone adhesives (TIMs). Designed with electronics in mind, the SilCool range delivers high-thermal conductivity, thin bond lines and low thermal resistance required for high-performance components.

SilCool products work by conducting heat away from PCB's to the heat sink or can be used as potting to act as a temporary heat store, allowing the heat to dissipate over time.

Advantages of using a Silicone Thermal Interface Material?

  • Flexibility No two surfaces are completely smooth and therefore often do not mate perfectly which results in the creation of microscopic air gaps.  Silicones are flexible and the soft paste fills the gaps and improves the transfer of heat.

  • Speed and Efficiency Silicone can be robot dispensed so increases speed and reduces waste on production lines and can be dispensed in intricate patterns.

  • Adhesion Silicones stick! Not only are silicones superior in general bonding they are also able to bond difficult combinations of materials.

  • Reliability and Resilience Silicone are resilient and reliable over a wide temperature range; in difficult environments and do not evaporate or run off during service.

  • Reduce Shock & Vibration Used for potting, their flexibility when cured, cushions sensitive electronics by absorbing mechanical vibration and thermal shock.

  • Gap Filling Silicone greases can be used as gap fillers so allow for easy component reworking at a future date.

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